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What I look for in dry cat food

Over the last 25 years I have used a many different foods with my cats. Some brands have gone out of business, and most have reformulated the foods offered (which always annoys me because it is essentially a new food and if they gave no notice of the reformulation happening there may be no way to properly transition to the new formulation if you about out of the old one) or outfight discontinued a specific food. I have also changed a lot of my thought and views on the foods over the years. Right now, I try to find foods that are not filled with bi-products, grains, potatoes, rice and things cats do not naturally eat. Let’s face it, cats are carnivores and require meat. Don’t be confused with a dog that can better digest grains, rice, beets and potatoes. In dry foods, you will be hard pressed to locate brands that do not use these though. Why? I suppose #1 is that you cannot make a “dry” food from just chicken meat. However, I still prefer to do some research and find the foods that have the best ingredients for my feline friends. I will avoid a food that has a grain as the top ingredient.

Talk to your veterinarian before changing your cat’s food though. You should always seek your veterinarian’s advice over mine, a memorable cat food commercial or billboard. If you find a food you feel is better for your feline buddies, call your veterinarian and get their opinion.