General Information About Cats

Playing With Your Cat

Playing with your cat

Knowing how to play with your cat(s) is an important part of keeping them happy and healthy. In addition to fun and mental stimulus for your cat(s), proper play sessions are good therapy for behaviour issues and combating weight issues.

We recommend (and sell) the following interactive poles/wands:

  • Wildcat Walnut wand: 18 inches long walnut wood wand with a 44 inch long, nylon coated braided wire. Works best with non-feather attachments.
  • Wildcat wand: 18 inches long with a 44 inch long, nylon coated braided wire. Works best with non-feather attachments.
  • Cat Catcher or Da Bee wand: 12 inches long with a 34 inch long braided wire. Works best with non-feather light attachments.
  • Da Bird pole: 36 inches long with a 32 inch nylon string. Works with all compatible attachments. Best with feather attachments.
Safety Information

Attachment for interactive poles/wands and should ONLY be used on a pole/wand while you are holding the wand/pole. NEVER leave attachments for interactive poles/wands out for your cat, they are not chew toys and are designed for supervised interaction with your cat(s) during play sessions. All interactive toys and attachments should be put away our of sight and reach of your cat(s) when the play session is over.

Do not allow your cat(s) to chew on, eat/ingest any interactive attachments as they can be a choking hazard. If eaten contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Inspect all attachments often for rips or tears or wear and remove toys if/when damaged or worn.

Your cat’s happiness AND safety are our chief concerns.

Happy cats with our brand attachments
  • Loewie w/ Rat Pack Fisher
  • Rat Pack Mouse
  • Buffalo Bat
  • Rat Pack Mouse
  • Deer Snake
  • Thuy w/Buttermoth
  • House Finch
  • Buffalo/Deer Rat
  • Buffalo Snake
  • Kitty Fling String
  • Loki w/House Finch
  • Pack Rat
  • Deer Snake
  • Buffalo Rattie
  • Gila Woodpecker
  • Buffalo Squid
  • Pack Rat
  • Golden Eagle
  • Deer Snake
  • Buffalo Squid
  • Leo w/Buttermoth
  • Crow Attachment
  • Dexter w/Buttermoth
  • Sammie w/Deer/Elk Snake
  • Gila Woodpecker
  • Atlas w/House Finch
  • Voodoo w/Leather Tassels
  • Mayfly Attachment
  • Octopus Attachment
  • Grey Boy w/Packrat Attachment
  • Rabbit Fur Chaser
  • Ribbon Attachment
We use what we sell!

We use interactive toys daily to keep our cats active and happy. I won’t claim that a few minutes of Da Bird play makes a thin and happy cat, but it goes a long way to help. The fun is not exclusive to your cat(s) either. You will find yourself amazed at what they will do to catch the toys, how high they will jump, and the sounds they make while watching it or trying to run off with it in their mouth.

Meet some of the CoolCyberCats in some play sessions

  • Perseus pounces at the Pack Rat
  • Nova catches the Da Bird
  • Apollo jumps at Da Bird
  • Apollo grabs mouse & brings to mouth
  • Orion grabs the Da Bird
  • Andromeda grabs the Da Bird
  • Apollo jumps at the Sparkler
  • Perseus plays with the snake
  • Apollo and Nova get a grab
  • Apollo flies to get Da Bird
  • Apollo and Nova play with Kitty Puff
  • Angel plays with a Big Buffalo Mouse
  • Angel plays with a Buffalo Squid
  • Perseus plays with Leather Tassels
  • Angel plays with the Magpie Attachment
  • Perseus plays with Ribbon Attachment
  • Perseus plays with Thin Ribbon Attachment