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About us

CoolCyberCats is a small business with a big heart for animals

We would love to tell you that we are a big company and make outragous profits, but we are not. CoolCyberCats is just a few dedicated people trying to help pet owners find quality products for their pets and themselves, and help animals by donating to various animal charities and shelters around the United States.

What makes CoolCyberCats unique is that we will not sell any products that we have not tried, tested, like, and approve. Most of the items we sell we continue to use as well. This means if you have a problem understanding, operating or using something we sell you can always email us and ask us for help, advise or opinions. If we think a product is good enough to sell, there is a good chance that it is good enough for you and your pets too.

Are the CoolCyberCats Real?

You bet! The CoolCyberCats really started in 1992 with the coolest cat I ever met, Hamlet (adopted from a shelter). He was our founding cat member. In 1997 Itchy (a captured feral) joined the house, and we officially went from a CoolCyberCat to CoolCyberCatS. Itchy was the first of the CoolCyberCats to leave us, on May 12 2004. We miss him very much. Leo became the 3rd original CoolCyberCat in 2000. On September 6th, 2005 Hamlet left us to join Itchy on the rainbow bridge. On February 4th, 2015 Leo left us to join Hamlet and Itchy on the rainbow bridge. Since then the CoolCyberCats has had many wonderful additions: Calliope, Electra, Copycat and ALeC, to name a few. Today the CoolCyberCats is made up of 5 wonderful cats: Orion, Apollo, Nova, Perseus and Andromeda. All were a rescue or shelter adoption, and each has a unique story to tell.

If you haave interest in learning more about the CoolCyberCats, you are welcome to visit their website at

We thank you for your business and support.


David and the CoolCyberCats