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Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented

If you are like me, you avoid scented litters. Why? When the scent overwhelms you as you pour the litter into the litter pan or you can smell it just being near the litter box, imagine what it is like for your feline friend when she has to do in the box and remember that a feline can smell scents far better than a human. This litter is unscented, which is certainly a plus in my book.




  • The litter has no scent.
  • The litter clumps well, making scooping a snap. 
  • I like that the 35lbs purchase of it I buy comes in a plastic container. I line it with a plastic bag and use the empty containers to hold the scooped waste (which I scoop into paper lunch bags). When the container is full, I either pull the plastic bag out and throw it away or I just place the container outside for pickup with the garbage. Either way it is handy, and I do not need to buy a litter disposal system.
  • My cats have no problems using the litter. They took right too it.


  • The litter “pieces”/”nodules” are small, lightweight and round. Why is that a problem? They can get between my cats’ toes and as they leap out of the box, some litter will go everywhere. At first, I would get a broom and sweep it up, but that began to be annoying having to do it multiple times a day. I placed a runner hall rug under the box and that would catch some of the litter, which helped. Then I also placed a litter mat on the runner in front of the box to catch even more, as the litter still was spreading on the floor some. That worked far better than nothing under the box and it cut my sweeping a lot, but the litter can still be tracked into the hall and main part of the house, causing me to sweep there. If only Tidy Cat made the litter pieces a bit larger, that may help.
  • Exploding… Huh? The round “pieces”/”nodules”, if on the floor and you fail to see them and walk on them, explode into a small whitish smudge on solid floors, that does not sweep up well. In that case you are forced to get a damp cloth or paper towel to get the smudge up. I would say that making the pieces harder would help this, but then again, they may not adsorb urine as well if thicker/harder, so I fall back to my suggestion in the point above, make them a bit larger, which will help stop them being tracked out of the box and easier to see if on the floor.

I will admit I often mix 2 litters together to help with issues I don’t like about one of them or both. I like to mix this litter now with Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Unscented litter. That is another litter I like as well.