Food and Treat Reviews

N-Bone Cat Chew Treat

by Itchy (one of the original CoolCyberCats)

N-Bone cat chew treats are a really yummy treat that David buys for us. I really love them but because of my FLUTD I no longer get any. I think that is so unfair.

Anyway, they are about 4 inches long each and sort of like a dog chew stick treat but made for us cats. David first got them in hopes that they would aid in keeping our teeth clean. The package boasts this as one of the benefits of the treat. In the end it is not that important, as David gives them to us as a treat only, and if it helps our teeth then that is just a wonderful upshot of them.

David began to give one to Hamlet after breakfast or in the bowl with his breakfast. He reason is that Hamlet eats all his food fast, then bullies me from my dish and tries to eat the rest of my food. David was tired of years of having to fight Hamlet and stop him from this, so he tried giving him these treats. It helps greatly because it is hard enough to take him a few minutes to gnaw through it and finish it off. I am not as fast at eating them as he is, it takes me over 5 minutes to finish one! Leo gags on it and leaves it because he cannot chew through it (whimp).

N-Bone makes a kitten, adult and senior version of this yummy chewy treat. I suggest you check them out as a slow eating treat and check with your vet to see if they may help keep your teeth clean and white.

The packaging has changed since this review, but you can find them in Petco and Amazon for sure and here is a link to the manufacturer page for them: