Solo Cat Toy Reviews

Cat Crazies

by Orion

Cat Crazies are a small crown-like shaped round toy. But are they cool. I like to bat them around on the bare floor and pick them up in my mouth. On bare floors they flip, roll and slide. Best of all each has 2 tabbed peaks that make them easy to pick up in my mouth!

I love to pick them up and bring them to David . He then throws the Cat Crazies across the room and I will race after them, pounce on them, then pick them up and bring them back to David . I can do this for hours. David calls it “fetch” but I just call it fun.

Leo does not seem to enjoy these great toys as much as I do. Hamlet will sometimes look at one and smack it once or twice and I have never seen Itchy playing with them at all.

The pros of this toy are they come in 4 colors (yellow is my favorite). They flip, roll and race on the floor easily. Easy to carry in your mouth.

The cons are that they do not flip, roll or race well on carpet. Once a human steps on them they are ruined.

I recommend Cat Crazies for all cats who like to fetch and chase little toys. At $2.99 for 4 they are a great price.

The toy is made by Animal Magnetism and sells for around $2.99 for four (4). (update since the review was made, Animal Magnetism no longer is in business and looks like Fat Cat MAY have bought them out of the rights to this toy. You can find them on Chewy and Amazon and other store sites and pet stores for about $350 now, still called Cat Crazies).