We are happy that you have an interest in our products. Know that we feel that our cat toy products should only be carried by businesses that are cat/pet related and only carries pet products (or pet and related products are at least 80% of the visible products on their website or store). This way we know that our resellers know cats and understand a cat behavior as well as what a cat likes and dislikes. While this may limit our product resellers it insures that we have resellers that we feel know the animals and our products very well.

If you are a business looking to sell our products on Amazon or eBay, we will not sell to you. If you want to sell them on your online store or in a brick and mortar location and you meet the above criteria, we welcome you to contact us. 


If you feel you would be eligible to resell our products, then please contact us via the form below. 

    Is the address a brick and mortar store?