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Kitty COW Leather Fling String

This is an interactive toy and requires no attachments.
Manufacturer: CoolCyberCats
Availability: In stock

Have you ever notice that your cat loves the simple things over complex ones? A box or bag instead of the new toy you just brought them? The Kitty Leather Fling String is simple and great fun for your cat!

I have used a long leather rope/string to play with my cats for over 25 years and it never ceases to amaze me just how much they love playing with it.

Now you can be amazed at how playful your cat will be with the Kitty Leather String Thing. It is about as simple as can be. Simply hold one end of the leather string and drag it past your cat. Watch his reaction! Wiggle it, make it slither over things, up in the air, under a chair...

Made in the USA from 100% USA Cow leather, each averages 5 - 6 feet long, 1/8 inch wide and about 3/16 inch deep.

Differences between Cow, Buffalo and Deer Fling Strings:The Cow leather strings are the thickest and firmer ones I sell. If your cat chews and bites toys as you play with them then this string may be the one for you.  Between Buffalo and Deer - Buffalo is a little stronger and firmer, not as stretchy and a little thicker.

WARNING: Never flig the toy at your cat, it may hurt him (like a whip) and he won't play with the toy any more. Never leave the toy out or where your cat can find it. The Kitty Leather Fling String is an interactive toy only, meaning you must always be holding it during play. Do not let your cat chew off lengths of the toy as this can pose a health risk for kitty and shorten the string's life. Inspect toy often for rips or tears or general wear and simply cut off the damaged area.

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