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Da Bird - Pull Apart Pole

Manufacturer: Go Cat Feather Toys
Availability: In stock

Da Bird is a high quality, durable, interactive toy that cats just LOVE. If you have not witnessed first hand a cat’s reaction to Da Bird, then you have no idea what you are in for!

A single bob of Da Bird is completely irresistible to cats. Set on a swivel, its feathers look, sound, and feel like real bird wings. Its the most fun you'll have with your feline friends!

Go Cat makes 2 types of Da Bird. The ORIGINAL Da Bird is a single pole that is 36 inches long. They also make a version that has a pull apart pole (it is actually 2 18 inch poles that connect on the ends) so it can be easily stored and/or mailed. Both offer your cat great fun! (we personally prefer the single pole version as sometimes if one of the cats jumps high enough and grabs the feathers and comes down with force, it can pull the poles apart. On average this happens every couple of play sessions, but can be easily stopped by putting glue in the connector).

Colors vary and are picked at random

Not quite convinced? We use Da Bird DAILY to keep our cats active and happy. I won't claim that a few minutes of Da Bird play makes a thin and happy cat,but it goes a long way to help. And the fun is not exclusive to your cat(s) either. You will find yourself amazed at what they will do to catch it, how high they will jump and the sounds they make while watching it or trying to run off with it in their mouth. Here are some images with some of the CoolCyberCats playing with Da Bird...


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