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Bat Arounds Fur Balls 3 Pack

Kittens love to carry them!
Manufacturer: Go Cat Feather Toys
Availability: In stock

Comes in the manufacturer 3 pack!

Your feline friends won't be able to resist these colorful fur balls! They will provide hours of fun and exercise and are a healthy outlet for your cat's natural pouncing instinct.

Each fur ball is approximately 2 to 2.5 inches and come in a variety of colors. Just the right size for feline pouncing fun! Kittens just LOVE the soft fur and will carry them around everywhere and play fetch.

What we like about the Bat Arounds is that they are cheap and our cats just love them. Our cats really go wild with them and lose them all the time. They turn up under the stove, refridgerator, couch, tables, chairs, book case, washer, dryer, behind closet doors.... With such a loss rate you have to love the price. Now you can crawl on your hands and knees while trying to fish these catnip enhanced fabric balls out from under all your household items too!

Colors, hues and sizes will vary

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