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Kitty Kopter

Cats love the twirling action as it flies when you toss it!
Manufacturer: Go Cat Feather Toys
Availability: In stock

Just toss this toy in the air or across the room and watch your cats go! The Koptor was born from the Da Bird Original Feather refill. It uses the same feather configuration so when tossed it twirls like the Da Bird. This toy will get your cat's motor running full speed!

The Kitty Kopter cat toy is a fun toy featuring real bird feathers attached to a colored pom pom. Your cat will love chasing this toy as it twirls through the air and pouncing and batting it while on the ground. He’ll feel like he caught a prize bird as he carries it off with him. This toy is 6" long and is handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Colors vary.

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