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Purrs Aracno Spider

This attachment is recommended for the Da Bird and Wildcat and will also attach to the Cat Catcher/Da Bee wands.
Manufacturer: Frenzy Cat Toys
Availability: In stock

Purrs Hairy Aracno Refill - Fits Da Bird, Cat Catcher, Da Bee & Wildcat pole/wand Cat Toys.

Looking more like a deadly spider from the tropics than one you can find at home and just as scary!!

Individually Handmade.

The Aracno Spider creeps and sneeks as you pull it along the floor using a compatible wand/pole/rod. Make it hide in boxes or under furniture for your cat to pounce on.

The Aracno is made of 100% genuine British deer hair and feathers. The hair are a by-product from free roaming, outdoor reared herds from the UK and are protected under British Animal Welfare Laws and The British Deer Society (BDS).

All materials are selected carefully to ensure that the animals are treated with respect, humanely and only use skins/ furs which are a by-product of the food industry which would otherwise go into land fill so no animal is harmed simply to provide fur/ hair.

A Realistic small bug size approximately 2 - 2.25 inches long x 3/4 inch high in body plus real feather stem legs.

The Aracno is made with the hair fixed to a plastic tube running through the middle (No sharp metal pin!) The connection to the wand toy is via a strong braided cord hook on the front securely fixed to the tube.

PLEASE NOTE - The Spiders legs are made from natural real feather steams so are a delicate part of the toy for decoration purpose and can break off in play.

Colors and feather fluffiness vary.

Every cat has an inbuilt natural hunt instinct, ( it's what they are made to do! ) and need to hunt to lead a happy fulfilled life. Frenzy make natural hunt toys that really appeal to your cat.

Simply clip on to play!

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