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Da Bird Guinea Feather Refill

This attachment is recommended the Wildcat and pole/wand toys that are compatible.
Manufacturer: Go Cat Feather Toys
Availability: In stock

The original Da Bird Guinea Feather attachment.

Made in the USA, the guinea refill has 2 stiff and long main guinea feathers and several soft colored accent feathers.

Easy to connect to the existing string on your Da Bird compatible interactive rod/pole/wand.

The realistic feather toy activates your cat's hunting instinct. Cats go crazy over the flight-like motion! Even lazy and fat cats cannot resist it.

Each is made with 2 natural (not dyed) guinea feathers and colored accent feathers to give it that added flash. The accent feathers come in blue, lime, green, red, pink, orange, turquois and purple. One color accent is used per refill.

Colors and feather length vary.

NOTE: The market is being flooded by cheaper made in China knock-off refills. You can always tell it is a true Go Cat refill because it comes in a plastic sleeve, has a Go Cat header on the sleeve and the connector at the bottom will be RED not black or anyother color. We ONLY carry the real deal here!

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