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Yeowww! Cigar 3 Pack

The strongest catnip we have found!
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This pack contains 3 (THREE) Yeowww! brand 100% Organic Catnip Cigar toys sealed in plastic to maintain freshness. You receive one brown, blue and pink cigar. Each is about 7 inches long and there are no fillers in these toys. No cotton fibers or "toy-grade" catnip either. Just 100% YEOWWW! Brand Organic Catnip! The most potent catnip in the world!

WARNING: These fabric cigars are so real you'll think they came from Cuba, but don't worry, they are made in the USA! All YEOWWW! Brand Catnip and Toys should be used under the supervision of an adult (cool) cat only! Cigars are not for smoking except by an adult cat who know how to use a lighter.

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